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Student Records & Withdrawal

Student Records 

Cumulative Files

It is the school's responsibility to maintain accurate records on each student in a cumulative file. Included in this file is documentation of student/parent information, academic progress reports, attendance records, health records, and verification of any special programming or assessments. Parents may access these files; however, the school must retain the original records. If your family is planning to move out of the area, you may request copies of anything contained in your student's file to use as registration information at their new school.

Student Withdrawal

Permanent Withdrawal From Olympic View Elementary 

If you are moving out of the Olympic View Elementary attendance area, please contact the school office to begin the withdrawal process. Please call or stop by to complete a Student Transfer/Withdraw Form at least one week prior to your student's last day of school. The form will be routed through the library, food service, and the classroom teacher. Please make sure your student's library books have been returned or library fines paid. If you would like a refund of your student's food service account, please write a note and provide a forwarding address. You may pick up the form from the office or request that the form be sent home with your student. Please take this form to your new school when registering. The form contains our contact information for your new school to request your student's cumulative file. Your student's records will be forwarded directly to the new school upon receipt of the request.