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Nutrition Policy

Nutrition Policy

OHPS Board Policy 6700 defines nutrition guidelines for food at school. Parents wishing to celebrate their student’s birthday should check with the classroom teacher well in advance.  Cupcakes DO NOT meet the nutrition policy and are not allowed as birthday treats.  Suggestions for birthday celebrations include string cheese, fruit, graham crackers, popcorn, or non-edible items such as pencils or stickers.  Classrooms generally have two parties during the year where food is served that may not fully meet the guidelines.  

In order to comply with the OHPS's nutrition policy and ensure the safety of students who have food allergies, the ORCA Leadership Team has established the following policy for sharing food with students at Olympic View Elementary School.

  1. Teachers do not use food as a reward. We use stickers, privileges etc. We will not, as a school, give cookies for celebrations during state testing. We will also give students water bottles rather than popsicles after walk-a-thons. 
  2. For classroom snacks and birthday snacks (after arranging it ahead of time with the teacher)- Please use healthy foods only, such as fruits, vegetables and low fat/ low sugar crackers. We do NOT allow cupcakes or cookies. Please do not send snacks with any kind of nuts or other allergens for any of the students in your child's classroom (please see the description below from Washington State Law). 
  3. Two parties may be held during the school year- Halloween and Valentine's Day. Teachers will either provide food themselves or send home a sign-up sheet to parents listing specific foods to bring. 

28A.210.365 Food choice, physical activity, childhood fitness- Minimum standard- District waiver or exemption policy. It is the goal of Washington state to ensure that:

  1. All K-12 districts have school health advisory committees that advise school administration and school board members on policies, environmental changes, and programs needed to support healthy food choice and physical activity and childhood fitness. Districts shall include school nurses or other school personnel as advisory committee members.
  2. Only healthy food and beverages by schools during school hours or for school sponsored activities shall be available for food and beverages, except food served as part of a United States Department of Agriculture meal program, are:

     (a)    Not more than 35% of its total calories shall be from fat.

             This restriction does not apply to eggs, fresh or dried fruit, vegetables that have not been deep fried, legumes, reduced fat cheese, part skim cheese, nonfat dairy products, or low fat dairy products;

     (b)    Not more than 10% of its total calories shall be from saturated fat. This does not apply to eggs, reduced fat cheese, part skim cheese, nonfat dairy products, or low fat dairy products;

     (c)    Not more than 35% of its total weight or 15 grams per food item shall be composed of sugar, including naturally occurring and added sugar.