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Electronics, Toys, & Dress Code

Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices

Students who need to bring cell phones or other electronic devices to school must keep them turned off and stored in a backpack during the school day.  Should a student cell phone ring during the day, there will be one reminder to turn it off.  After that, the phone will be kept in the school office for an adult to pick up. Students are not allowed to place calls or send text messages using a cell phone at any time during normal school hours. The school will not assume financial responsibility for cell phones brought to school by students.  Students needing to make calls during the school day will be allowed to use a student phone in the office. For more information please see OHPS Board Policy 3245 and 3245P


Students are not allowed to bring toys from home.  Any toys brought as a part of classroom “show and tell” should be kept in a backpack before and after school.  All electronic handheld games and music players are considered toys. The school does not assume any financial liability for toys brought to school by students.

Dress Code

Student dress reflects the school and impacts student conduct and learning. Students wearing attire that is distracting, inappropriate, or that creates a safety concern will not be permitted to attend class and will have a parent notified. General dress standards include

  • Clothing and footwear must allow students to actively participate in P.E. and playground activities. Sneakers/Tennis shoes are appropriate for most physical activities. 
  • Shirt straps should be at least 4-fingers wide. Shorts and skirts should reach to or below the fingertips when your arms are straight at your sides.